Winter Lullaby - Unis Chr-Pno

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WINTER LULLABY with music and words by Vera Kistler (1929-2006) is an endearing winter song for all ages. Easy but beautiful and appealing to singers. The text by Kistler is about the Bear sleeping during the Winter so that the other creatures may have food. Beautiful lyrical melody for the bear's sleep! Unison Treble Choir and Piano. Duration: 3:17
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Winter Lullaby (Winter_Lullaby-UnisChr-Kistler.pdf, 106 Kb) [Download]

Background Notes
This is one of Vera Kistler’s beloved melodies, a lullaby  composed in 1978, for some creature other than human, for whom she was undecided as to which.  She considered the wise spider, Charlotte, after seeing the movie, Charlotte’s Web, but then thought about the bear and his sacrifical sleep so he wouldn’t eat winter rations and starve the smaller animals.  
Winter Lullaby
Now that the sun has fallen
and woods have filled up with snow, 
hush, gentle lark and sparrow,
let silence be your song.
The bear’s asleep so that smaller creatures 
may get their share of the winter rations;  
The whole world is in God’s keeping, 
so close your eyes and sleep.
Soon there’ll be voices calling
creature to creature in the wild,
each in its own true glory,
as awesome as the night.
This is the hour when the frogs and thrushes 
praise their Maker in soft green rushes.
The whole world is in God’s keeping, 
so close your eyes and sleep, sleep, sleep.
—Vera Kistler