Trans-Terminal Spring - Clt-Perc

CODE: AP-02291


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TRANS-TERMINAL SPRINT is by Amy Dunker composed for Bb Clarinet and Percussion. Grade: 6 Duration: 6:00
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Trans-Terminal Sprint (Trans-terminal_Sprint-Cl-Perc-Dunker.pdf, 179 Kb) [Download]

Program Notes: 
"Trans-Terminal Sprint" by Amy Dunker was inspired by her travel experiences. She writes: "Almost everyone who has taken a flight through Chicago's O'Hare Airport (or almost any other large airport) has done the trans-terminal sprint at one time or another. Either your flight lands late or you simply find that you have to go from terminal A to terminal Z in a very short amount of time. In your sprint through the teminal you encounter the people blocking the moving sidewalk, the family that is spread out throughout the corridor (and moving slowly), the interminable clock ticking, the hum of the airplane's engine, the door closing, and the desire to scream "Get out of the way!"