The Big Book of Bass Clarinet Solos

CODE: AP-02297



THE BIG BOOK OF CLARINET SOLOS has five pieces by performer, music educator and composer Amy Dunker written for Bass Clarinet Solo. Grade: 5 Duration: 26:00

  1. "Breaking News"
  2. "Let It Roll"
  3. "Groove Merchant"
  4. "Left Lane Closed"
  5. "High Roller"

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Background Notes

"The Big Book of Clarinet Solos" is a collection of works that can be performed separately or in any combination. The collection is heavily influenced by blues ("High Roller", "Left Lane Closed"), Funk ("Groove Merchant"), Rock and Roll ("Let It Roll") and West Coast Jazz ("Breaking News"). The works recall such artists as Chuck Berry ("Let It Roll") and James Brown ("Groove Merchant").