Hail to the Border Guards!

Sláva, Chodsko! - F Hn 4

CODE: AP-03071



SLÁVA, CHODSKO! is a march by Josef Flegl (1881-1962) arranged by Joel Blahník for French Horn Quartet. Grade: 3-4 Duration 2:41

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Sláva, Chodsko! (score5667.pdf, 105 Kb) [Download]

Background and Performing Notes 
on Sláva, Chodsko!

Sláva, Chodsko! (Hail to the Border Guards) is a dynamic march by the Czech music teacher and composer, Josef Flegl (1881-1962) which celebrates the unique Chod culture from SW Bohemia of the Czech Republic bordering Bavaria.  This march is a tribute to these unique people including 6 centuries of my ancestors, who were granted the right and priviege to be a "free people" by the early Czech kings.  In turn, they bravely guarded their country's borders and even resisted attempts by the 18th century Austro - Hungarian authority which tried to enslave them as serfs in spite of their ancient privilege. As courageous border guards, the Chods developed their own folk music, a distinctive musical culture of their own. This march portrays their strength and uniqueness.

Karel Belohoubek majestically adapted the original orchestral work, "Sláva Chodsko!" by Josef Flegl, for symphonic band. Blahnik, most interested in this work because of his Chod heritage brought his skills to it in collaboration with Belohoubek which has brought about finely tuned edition for publication by API for Symphonic Band. The fanfare motif of the opening two measures (do, mi, so, so, la, so) cleverly carries itself throughout the entire composition. Solid block scoring with subito dynamic markings grant the work a commanding stature.  The legato Trio melody flows like honey and, again, subito dynamics provide an element of intrigue and interest. This march is very playable and possesses great appeal.
This publication of "Sláva, Chodsko!" is an arrangment for French Horn Quartet.