Children of the Hebrews

Pueri Hebraeorum - SSAA a cap

CODE: AP-01647



PUERI HEBRAEORUM is a liturgical Latin text from the liturgy of Palm Sunday set to music by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594) and edited by Milan Uherek for SSAA a cappella Choir. Grade: M Duration: 2:12

English translation: "The Hebrew children bearing olive branches, went forth to meet the Lord, crying out, and saying, Hosanna in the highest." [Antiphon for the Procession with palms - Palm Sunday liturgy]

From The Milan Uherek Choral Library Series.



Pueri Hebraeorum ("Hebrew boys") (Pueri_Hebraeorum-ssaa-Palestrina.pdf, 116 Kb) [Download]