Pathetique-Cantabile, op 13 - Clnt Chr - Set

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PATHETIQUE-CANTABILE, op. 13 by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) is arranged by James D. Thornton for Clarinet Choir. A wonderful arrangement of Beethoven's, Pathetique Sonata "Adagio Cantabile." Set of Score and Parts. Grade: 3 Duration: 5:00

Performance Notes are in the Resources tab.

Performance Notes

Cantabile from opus 13 by Ludvig van Beethoven, originally written for piano solo and known as the Pathetique Sonata, should begin in a relaxed
manner and continue so through rehearsal letter C. Letter D (with pick up) should be played much more aggressively, but then should relax
back in to letter E. Letter G is the most substantial section of the piece with 
the peak of the entire work being reached in the beginning of ms. 63. Then the work gradually relaxes back into its conclusion.

Careful attention should be paid to the passing around of the solo line,eg. ms. 2324 Bass Clarinet, ms. 25 Contra Alto, ms. 26 Clarinet 2, and
ms. 2728 Alto Clarinet.

The Bass lines should always carry strength as they would when played on
the piano.