Pastorela - Ob-WW 3 - Sc

CODE: AP-02146 Sc



PASTORELA by Wilhelm Weissmann (1900-1980) is an 18th century work arranged by Václav Blahunek. Substituting a Woodwind for the solo instrument is an option. Instrument Solo (Bagpipe/Flute/Oboe/Violin) and Mixed Woodwind Trio (2 Clarinet, Bassoon/Bass Clarinet). Score. Grade: 3 Duration: 5:00

From the Václav Blahunek Choral Music Series.

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Pastorela (Pastorela-Ob-WW3-Weissman-Blahunek.pdf, 192 Kb) [Download]

Background Notes

Weissmann is a Czech composer whose first name is unknown, but who represents hundreds of schoolmaster-church musicians in 18th century Bohemia who employed simple folk song motifs into musical compositions, common thoughout central Europe at this time. The use of the Bohemian bagpipe during the pre-classical and Classical period in the Czech lands was also very common. It was usually paired with violins and/or clarinets in small secular salon settings.
The concept of the pastorela was extremely popular during the 18th century and was based for the most part, upon shepherd calls to celebrate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.
This manuscript was discovered in Prague by Lieutenant Colonel Václav Blahunek as he was preparing repertoire for a 2007 Upper Midwest USA tour.
"Pastorela" by Weissmann was arranged by Blahunek for 2 Bb Clarinets and Bassoon with the Bohemian Bagpipe as the solo instrument. However, the oboe or flute may be substituted very well for the solo instrument. Bass Clarinet may be substituted for the Bassoon.