Parthia - WW 8/Clt Chr - Set

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PARTHIA by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) is arranged with four movements by Louis Sacchini for Mixed Woodwind and Brass Octet (1-2 Oboe, 1-2 Clarinet, 1-2 Bassoon, 1-2 French Horn) with optional Clarinet Choir (1-6 Clarinet, 1-2 Bass Clarinet). Set of Score and Parts. Grade 4 Duration: 10:42

Background and Performance Notes are in the Resources tab.

Parthia (score4859.pdf, 438 Kb) [Download]

Background Notes
Parthia (pl. Partien) seems to be a term used in the 18th century for chamber music movements or suites.  In the latter part of the century, it apparently was replaced with divertimento (pl. divertimenti).  Cassation and serenade are other terms encountered in the chamber music  genre, although these terms additionally imply a certain musical style. It is interesting to note that Mozart originally used “Parthia” for the title of the great Partita in C minor K. 328a.This particular work seems to have the characteristics of a suite or partita. 
The authenticity of this work (K. 17.05, formerly Anh. 225) was, and perhaps still is, a question.  The pre-eminent German musicologist and Mozart authority, Alfred Einstein (1880-1952), believed the copy in the Prussian State Library in Berlin to be an imitation of Mozart.  However, a set of parts and an advertisement by the publisher and seller of manuscript copies in Prague, Johann Traeg, in 1792, show this work (Parthia or Divertimento) listed as Parthie I as part of materials sold on behalf of Mozart’s wife, Constanze, along with a Minuet and Rondo.  Therefore, it is believed to be an authentic Mozart work.  For further reading on this matter, see Daniel Leeson’s and David Whitewell’s article in Music& Letters, 1972.  
The tempo markings are only the suggestion of the editor.  Articulations have been made to be consistent for all the instruments.  (The metronome, patented in 1816, had yet to be invented!) 
All or any one of the four movements could be a part of a chamber music program or used to meet a variety of performance and/or educational needs.
Performance Notes
The Parthia was originally written for 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, and 2 horns. The publisher has also provided substitute parts indicated in the full score as opt. This may allow for performance where the original instrumentation is not available.  It also allows the work to be performed as a  Clarinet Choir.