Music to a Poet II - Stg Orch-Tbn-Trp/TSx

CODE: AP-00376 Trb



MUSIC TO A POET II is by Radomír Ištvan. This is a work from a composer of depth and sensitivity. Written as a tribute to the memory of a poet who was a family friend, Istvan brings into play a Trombone soloist with two Percussionists and Strings. The work explores the full range of the Trombone which is featured in legato fashion but more so with strong motifs which repeat and develop. The Strings blend with wonderful elegance and harmonic flavoring. A tight composition! Perfect for recitals or for chamber music concerts, the composition will receive raves for its disciplined logic and strong musicality. The work concludes with strong conviction, engaging all musicians to a great finale. Excellent contemporary music from this skilled Czech composer from Brno! Trombone Solo, String Orchestra and Percussion. Trombone Score. Grade: 5 Duration: 8:25

This can also be used by Trumpet or Tenor Saxophone.

Music to a Poet II (score2251.pdf, 117 Kb) [Download]