Spring Effigy

Morena - SSA-Rcdr-Pno-Pcn

CODE: AP-01769


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MORENA is A Czech Springtime ritual song from the cycle Slavnosti jara ("Springtime Celebration") by Otmar Mácha (1922-2006). Czech pronunciation guide and English translation are in the score. SSA Choir with Soprano Recorder, Percussion and Piano. Duration: 4:00

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Background Notes


Morena is selection no.2 from from Spring Celebrations (Slavnosti jara) created by Otmar Mácha originally for the Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir which was choreographed by Frantíšek Bonuš for their USA tour in 1994 with director, Jiří Chvála. It was performed at Lawrence University Chapel Auditorium for the Wisconsin Choral Director's Convention January 21, 1994. The choir's stunning performance in ethnic dress and complete with choreography provided the audience with an experience of spring rituals prac- ticed on the European continent by many cultures.