Marathon - F Hn 2

CODE: AP-03154



MARATHON is by composer, performer, and arranger Torrin J. Hallett. This work is demanding to the end from the standpoint of wind control, hence its title. Duet for French Horns. Grade: 4 Duration: 2:49


Marathon (score6193.pdf, 100 Kb) [Download]

Performance  Notes
Marathon is a piece which chronicles a struggle, whether it be physical or otherwise, from its daunting beginning through its exciting moments to a relieving end.  There are the moments in the work when it seems it will never be completed, but the players still need to persevere.  At the end, they are both exhausted, individually burned out!  However, they discover that only through team work, taking turns lifting each other up, can they reach a glorious and triiumphant finish.
Advice to Performers:  The piece requires lots of endurance!  Pay attention to the dynamic markings as there are many sudden changes which help to bring the piece alive.