Little Dance Suite - Clnt 4

CODE: AP-02189



LITTLE DANCE SUITE is based on Czech folk songs and arranged by Joel Blahník for Bb Clarinet Quartet. Grade: 4 Duration: 8:50

  1. Do skoku 
  2. Strašák 
  3. Z Chodska 
  4. Furiant 
  5. Ze Slovenska 

Background Notes are in the Resources tab.

Background Notes

Little Dance Suite has been adapted from opus 23 of Czech music teacher and composer, Josef Flegl (1881-1962), entitled Malá taneční suita na motivy lidových písní for piano.  Joel Blahník has created his own arrangement for Saxophone Quartet (AATB).  The work has five individual movements which may be 
performed as separate compositions.
1.  Do skoku (Leaping)
2.  Strašák (Czech circle dance - tune: Šla Nanynka do zeli, Annie went to the Cabbage Patch)
3. Z Chodska (From Chodsko, the southwest area of Bohemia bordering Bavaria where the Czech dudy, bagpipes are produced and employed in ensembles.  Hences, the drone-like sounds in the accompaniment.)
4.  Furiant (The fast dance in triple meter with duple meter accents.)
5.  Ze Slovenska (From the Moravian-Slovak region, this quasi czardas fantasia uses gyspy improvisation, a slow Moravian tune, Proč jsi k nám neprišeu? (Why haven't you come to see me?) and the fiery, Slovak tune, Tancuj, Tancuj.