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LENTEN REFRAINS with music by Cecil Steffen, OP (1919-2009) is compiled and edited by Anita Smisek. It has five Biblical texts from Lenten Propers for worship services. Two-Part and Three-Part Choir with Keyboard or a cappella. Duration: 5:28

  1. "All that you have done"
  2. "By the streams of Babylon"
  3. "When I called" (Psalm 54)
  4. "In whatever trouble"
  5. "Strengthen,O God"

Background Notes are in the Resources tab.


Lenten Refrains (score3815.pdf, 104 Kb) [Download]

Background Notes

This group of Lenten Refrains was originally composed in 1964-1968 for use by the Dominican Sisters daily Mass propers at Queen of Peace Convent, Burbank, Illinois. Today, they remain vibrant refrains which can be used for prayer services in the "Taize" style, for private prayer, or liturgy where appropriate. Some do not have accompaniments as it was customary to sing much music a cappella during the Lenten season. Repeat them as often as desired.