Laudes - Cycle of 5 Latin texts - SATB a cap

CODE: AP-10337


LAUDES is a suite of five motet-like works based on traditional Latin texts each of which is a text by Antonín Tučapský (1928-2014) written for SATB a cappella Choir. It is a beautiful addition to the sacred SATB a cappella repertoire for choirs written in 2009 in London, UK. Includes English translations. Grade: M Duration: 10:38
  1. "Exaltabo Te"
  2. "Crucem Tuam"
  3. "Ubi Caritas"
  4. "Gaudete Justi"
  5. "Alleluia"

Laudes ("Praises") (score6413.pdf, 244 Kb) [Download]