It's Christmas Time, I Know

CODE: AP-01368


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IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME, I KNOW has words and music by Gordon Krunnfusz (1931-2011). A wonderful Christmas tune! SSA Choir with Piano. Grade: ME Duration: 1:49

Text by the composer:
Hear the children call as the snowflakes fall, "Old Santa's on his way."
See the trees at night with their lights so bright, and the fireside all aglow.
There's joy and fun for ev'ry one. It's Christmas time, I know!
Johnny goes to Jimmy's house to have a snowball fight.
Skates crowd the pond ignoring icy winds that bite.
Ev'rybody's happy; their hearts are light and gay
because they know that Christmas is not very far away.
Hear the children sing....And so we'd like to say,
"Have a happy holiday. It's Christmas time, I know!"
SA or Two-Part edition is AP-01372.

It's Christmas Time, I Know (score2597.pdf, 123 Kb) [Download]