Introduzione ed Allegro

Introduction & Allegro - S Sax-Clt Chr

CODE: AP-02278


INTRODUCTION & ALLEGRO by Domenico Cimarosa (1749-1801) is arranged by Joel Blahník for Oboe, Flute or Soprano Saxophone Solo with Clarinet Choir. Grade: 4 Duration: 5:12
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Introduction & Allegro (Introduction_&_Allegro-CltChr-Cimarosa.pdf, 179 Kb) [Download]

Arranger’s Note:
INTRODUCTION & ALLEGRO is a combination of 2 Piano Sonatas by Domenico Cimarosa which comprise the conglomeration of 4  keyboard sonatas  that comprise his Oboe Concerto.  Written in 1780 when the composer was in Naples, these individual sonatas are one movement long in length, and are each complete pieces. However, they can be grouped into larger units to musical advantage.  In 1942, Australian/English & Canadian composer, Arthur Benjamin took four of the keyboard sonatas of Cimarosa and combined them into the larger concerto form.  He rewrote the pieces, scoring them for oboe and string orchestra, keeping most of the melody in the solo voice.  Hence, the Oboe Concerto appeared from which for many years was frequently mislabeled as being from Benamin's pen.  
During my teaching career in 1974, I profiled student talent at a state and national convention by performing this lovely Cimerosa setting, originally set for band and oboe solo by Maestro Stan DeRusha.  Having lost that manuscript score through the passing of time, I have now made my own editions for Woodwind Choir,  Saxophone Choir  and Clarinet Choirs with solo Oboe or solo Soprano Saxophone.  To me,  this music has a sense of "soul".  Its melodic contours have a very "healing aesthetic."  Enjoy its magic and charm!