In Holy Splendor (Christmas) - 2pt-Pno

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IN HOLY SPLENDOR has music composed by Cecil Steffen, OP (1919-2009). These are 9 short Liturgical songs from the Masses of Christmas and Epiphany (Propers and Responses) for Two-Part Choir and Keyboard. Grade: M Duration: 15:00 

  1. "The Lord said to me"
  2. "Yours is Princely Power"
  3. "In Holy Splendor"
  4. "A Child is Born to Us"
  5. "All the Ends of the Earth I"
  6. "Yours are the Heavens"
  7. "All the Ends of the Earth II"
  8. "The Kings of Tharsis"
  9. "We Have Seen His Star"

In Holy Splendor (In_holy_splendor-2pt-Steffen_copy.pdf, 93 Kb) [Download]