In Deo speravit Cor Meum - SATB a cap

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IN DEO SPERAVIT COR MEUM is by Czech composer, Zdeněk Šesták with Lenten liturgical Latin texts. "I Hope in God with All My Heart" is the English translation of the Latin text titling this Cantata on five Lenten texts. SATB a cappella Choir. Grade: D Duration: 18:20

  1. "Benedicam Dominum"
  2. "Ad te, Domine, levavi animam meam"
  3. "Miserere mei, Domine"
  4. "Domine, in auxilium meum respice"
  5. "Illumina oculus meos"

In Deo Speravit Cor Meum (In_Deo_Speravit-satb-Sestak_copy.pdf, 337 Kb) [Download]