Hej, Hej, Caroling!

Hej, Hej, Koleda - Voc-Br 5

CODE: AP-00307 Br



HEJ, HEJ, KOLEDA!* by Czech "Anonymous" is arranged by Joel Blahník. Words are by Kieran Sawyer with Czech and English texts. This edition of an old caroling chant from Moravia in the Czech Republic with its alternation of duple and triple meter is a good opener. Can be used as a processional as well and salutes the season! A fresh contribution to repertoire for the Christmas season! Mixed Brass Quintet with Vocal Solo. Grade: 3 Duration: 2:40

1. a Czech word meaning a carol
2. the custom of caroling from house to house in the villages
bringing Christmas cheer and blessing and receiving gifts of food or coins in return.