Excite Our Hearts, Lord

Excita, Domine, Corda Nostra (Advent Songs) - SATB a cap

CODE: AP-10392


EXCITA, DOMINE, CORDA NOSTRA is a Cantata for Mixed a cappella Choir on Liturgical texts for Advent with music by Zdeněk Šesták. Latin texts with English translations. SATB a cappella Choir. Grade: D Duration: 11:20
  1. "Prope es tu, Domine" ("You are near, O Lord")
  2. "Veni et ostende nobis faciem tuam" ("Come and show us your face")
  3. "Ecce virgo concipiet" ("Behold, a Virgin will conceive")
  4. "Gaudete in Domino semper" ("Rejoice in the Lord always")
  5. "Hodie scietis, quia veniet Dominus" ("Today you will know that the Lord is coming")

Excita, Domine, Corda Nostra ("Excite our Hearts, Lord") (Excita,_Domine,_Corda_Nostra-satb-Sestak.pdf, 356 Kb) [Download]