Hear Us, O Lord

Exaudi Nos, Domine - SA-Bari Solo-Org

CODE: AP-01186



EXAUDI NOS, DOMINE by Jiří Laburda has Latin text with pronunciation guide provided. Two-Part (SA) Choir, Baritone Solo and Organ. Grade: M Duration: 7:25

Hear us, O Lord, since your mercy is kind.
On account of the multitude of your great mercies, look down upon us, O Lord.
O God, make me safe since the waters have come up into my soul.
O Lord, hear us.

Exaudi Nos, Domine ("Hear Us, O Lord") (Exaudi_Nos-SA,_Baritone_solo,_org-Laburda_copy.pdf, 95 Kb) [Download]