Echo Tunes

Echostücke - Clt Chr

CODE: AP-02223



ECHOSTÜCKE by Josef Triebensee (1722-1846) is an 18th century masterpiece edited and arranged by Joel Blahník for Clarinet Nonet (Double Quartet: Bb Cl 1-2, ACl 1-2, BCl 1-2, CaCl). Grade: 4 Duration: 14:21 

3 Movements:
  1. Allegro (5:34)
  2. Andante cantabile (4:26)
  3. Marcia (4:21)
Arranger's Notes are in the Resources tab.

Echostücke ("Echo Tunes") (score5788.pdf, 366 Kb) [Download]

Arranger's Note:
In 1973, when I was doing research in the Kroměříž music archives in Moravian city of Czechoslovakia (today, Czech Republic), I found a set of parts for Echostůcke by Triebensee. After a long incubation, I finally have brought it to life. The German title, Echostůcke, refers to |echo tunes or pieces.  It refers to how Triebensee used the concept of echo dialoguing in each of the three movements. This music is concise and clear.  Instrumental technique is intelligent and obtains maximum effect with apparent simplicity rather than burdening players with too many notes.  
The three-movement work, Echostůcke (Echo Tunes) by Josef Triebensee (1722-1846) originally for mixed windwind ensemble (9) has 2 wind quartets plus contrabass or contra-alto clarinet.  Duration is 14:21.  It works beautifully for 2 Clarinet quartets( Bb 1-1, A Cl, Bs Cl) and Contralto Clarinet.
Mvt. 1 Allegro in F.  (5:34)
Mvt. 2 Andante Cantabile in C. (4:26)
Mvt. 3 Marcia in F.  (4:21)
The ORIGINAL edition, when fully realized, had quartets performing about 70% of the time.  This, to me, was not carrying out the concept of being echo tunes.  Therefore, I have edited the work to "balance" the two quartets to make better musical sense.  Slight improvements have also been made in articulations and dynamics.  Triebensee's use of "Í" meant ":", so accents have been substituted for 21st century use for the sake of clarity.  
Triebensee used marcato accents only in the last two measures of the first and third movements.