Czech Suite - Clt 3

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CZECH SUITE FOR CLARINET TRIO by Joel Blahník is a most enjoyable medley of Czech folk songs arranged in contrasting order of mood to add to the spirit of the work. Develops adaptability to changes of rhythms and moods and gives the group a spirited work with which to have lots of good fun. On State Music Festival lists. Bb Clarinet Trio. Grade: 4 Duration: 8:10
  1. "Fanfare"
  2. "Green Meadows"
  3. "Fanfare II"
  4. "No One Knows Why"
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Composer's notes:
"Czech Suite" is a tonal portrait of the folk song tradition from Southwest Bohemia known as the "Chodsko Region" which is still very colorful in its folk structures. Musically this area is very alive with two types of folk bands: the traditional brass band and the "Chod Band" which consists of two woodwinds (Eb and Bb Clarinet), strings (violins which are used as melody and as rhythmic instruments playing of weak beats in combination with string bass), and bagpipe (tuned to Eb) on which the instrumentalist pumps a diaphragm under one arm and controls the air pressure with the air bag under the other arm while then fingering the instrument and singing at the same time - four simultaneous functions.
It is the spirit of this "woodwind/string" band that I chose as the style of this work. Since the Chodsko bagpipe is not popular here in America I have by-passed that effect except for some characteristic references in the third voice of this composition. My original setting was for tuba trio, thanks to Gillet High School Music Department. Yet, knowing the adaptability potential of this work I feel it befittingly fits the various other trio combinations sited below.
Sprinkled in these charming folk melodies which I attempted to develop in the "theme and variations" format (theme representing the folk singer) are some original motives which give variety to the suite. My ancestors have occupied this region of SW Bohemia since the 12th century and so it is no wonder that I have been embodied with this folk impulse and wish to share it. Who else would be enamored enough to fashion this type of suite for three tubas as well as other trio instrumental ensembles? Why not?
So play, musicians, play!
Joel Blahník