Czech Christmas Carols for the Harp

CODE: AP-00457


CZECH CHRISTMAS CAROLS FOR THE HARP has 17 tunes by various composers compiled and edited by Anita Smisek.
  1. "Beautiful Rose of Jericho"
  2. "Ancient Prophetrs Once Foretold"
  3. "Come and Sing the Story"
  4. "Hail Mary, Full of Grace"
  5. "Friend and Stranger"
  6. "Sound the Herald Horn"
  7. "Joyfully, Angels Bring Tidings"
  8. "Jesus Christ Was Born for Us"
  9. "Little Baby in the Manger"
  10. "Shepherding Their Sheep"
  11. "Listen, Shpherds"
  12. "Lay Thee Down"
  13. "Come Now, Jesus, God Incarnate"
  14. "Tenderly Mary Sings"
  15. "Celebrate We Now"
  16. "Praise to Jesus Christ, Our Savior"
  17. "Long Was the Wait"


Czech Christmas Carols for the Harp (_Czech_Christmas_Carols_for_the_Harp-Smisek-SC_(dragged).pdf, 52 Kb) [Download]