Concert Duets - Vc 2/Bsn 2

CODE: AP-00447



CONCERT DUETS is a suite by Friedrich Belcke and transcribed by Joel Blahník. Outstanding literature! Violoncello or Bassoon Duets. Grade: 5 Duration: 12:00

  1. "Allegro Moderato"
  2. "Adagio"
  3. "Rondino"

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Concert Duets (score1928.pdf, 336 Kb) [Download]

Editor Notes:
API is proud to present "Concert Duets" composed by Belcke for advanced musicians. Representing some of the finest repertoire from the 18th century, these pieces are musically exciting, as well as pedagogically satisfying challenge - a welcome harmony! These duets are transcriptions from the original Trombone editions. They have been adjusted to accomodate the instruments for which they are assigned. Articulations have also been slightly adjusted to enable the instruments to speak their best. This is an example of how good musical writing can be adapted for many instruments.
The Belcke "Concert Duets" come from the "Heartland of Europe" where in the 15th century the modern Trombone was developed. Friederich Belcke was a product of the noble Brass traditions of this era in this geographical area. With his innate musicianship and sense of imagination, Belcke sensed the potential of the Trombone. He developed it into a legitimate concert voice from that of a functional "tower" ensemble instrument. Instrumental music has not been the same since!