Ten vánoční čas

Christmas Time - 2-pt Chr-Fl-Cl-Hn-Pno

CODE: AP-10520



CHRISTMAS TIME is a cycle of 6 Czech Christmas Carols in English by Czech choir director, music teacher and composer Milan Uherek (1925-2012) paraphrased by Rae A. Whitney for Two-Part Choir, Flute, Bb Clarinet, French Horn and Piano. Duration: 8:00

  1. "Christmas Time"
  2. "Children, Cone Sing Songs"
  3. "I am Just a Little One"
  4. "Come Over, Boys"
  5. "No Better Joy"
  6. ""Christmas Eve Has Come"

From The Milan Unerek Choral Library Series.

Music sample is "Christmas Time."

Christmas Time ("Ten vánoční čas") (Christmas_Time-2pt-Uherek.pdf, 217 Kb) [Download]