Ten vánoční čas

Christmas Time - Instl Pts

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CHRISTMAS TIME  is a cycle of 6 Czech Christmas Carols in English by Czech choir director, music teacher and composer Milan Uherek (1925-2012) paraphrased by Rae A. Whitney for Two-Part Choir, Flute, Bb Clarinet, French Horn and Piano. Instrumental Parts. Duration: 8:00

  1. "Christmas Time"
  2. "Children, Cone Sing Songs"
  3. "I am Just a Little One"
  4. "Come Over, Boys"
  5. "No Better Joy"
  6. ""Christmas Eve Has Come"

From The Milan Unerek Choral Library Series.

Christmas Time ("Ten vánoční čas") (Christmas_Time-2pt-Uherek.pdf, 217 Kb) [Download]