Vánoční Koledy z Krkonoš

Christmas Rhapsody - BD - Sc

CODE: AP-00607 Sc



CHRISTMAS RHAPSODY arranged by Joel Blahník is based on "Vánoční Koledy z Krkonoš" by Josef Bartoš (1861-1924). Beautiful melodies, charming lyricism, variety and color in the percussion! A welcome work for December concerts! Heart warming! Concert Band and Two-Part Choir with optional Harp, Keyboard, or Celeste Prelude. Score. Grade: 4 Duration: 12:00

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Christmas Rhapsody (score4669.pdf, 87 Kb) [Download]

The Giant Moutains in northeastern Bohemia in the Czech Republic are the scenic folkloric area from which these Christmas carols have originated.  Musicologist Josef Bartoš collected them for posterity and arranged a set of them for children's choir and piano many years ago.  This setting was the inspiration from which Joel Blahník made this band arrangement.  It is a great educational learning experience for it challenges students to learn to concentrate to anticipate the many repeats to accomodate the varying numbers of verses for each carol.  The number of repeats  may be altered by the conductor.  
Filled with charm, these carols alternate in mood between sacred and secular, reverent and humorous.  The English texts by Kieran Sawyer are based upon the original translations from the Czech.  
Although not essential, the singing of the carols by a duo, trio or choral ensemble adds much to the performance.  When this is done, it is important to learn to accompany the songs with feeling, balance, and life.  A good microphone system is needed for the solo singers.
This collection is sure to add a very special dimension to anyone's holiday season and a freshness which will charm any listener.