Anna Karenina Concert-Fantasy - Pno-Stg Orch-Perc - Set

CODE: AP-04314 Set



ANNA KARENINA is a Concert-Fantasy by Czech composer, pianist and music teacher Jindra Nečasová Nardelli for Piano, String Orchestra and Percussion. Set of Score and Parts. Grade: 6 Duration: 8:58

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— Program Notes — 
Anna KareninaConcert-Fantasy for Piano, String Orchestra and Percussion by Jindra Nečasová Nardelli was composed in 2016 and drew its inspiration from the eponymous novel of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. In the novel there are two interwoven main stories – a tragic, hopeless destiny of Anna and the discovery of real happiness and truth (Levin and Kitty).
The composer of this Concert-Fantasy “looks“ inside the protagonists and makes music portrayals of the hearts of the individual characters in a minimalistic concise way. She reveals the changeability of a human soul with its desire for happiness and love, which she confronts with her own inner feelings and transforms them, using musical expression, into certain "windows - insights." 
The piano part, in which the author also used the stylisation of virtuoso piano technique as a symbol of romanticism, is further developed with modernist composition methods (aleatoric music, minimalism etc.). The author dedicated this work of art to the famous Czech pianist, Tomáš Víšek, who performed it successfully in the first world premiere with the Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra of Pardubice with the conductor Marek Šedivý on the 614th Tuesday of Umělecká beseda (The Association of Artists) 25. 10. 2016 in Martinů Hall in Prague.