A listing of Woodwinds titles available from Alliance Publications, Inc. including Recorder, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Saxophone and Bagpipes for Solos and Ensembles.

...Like a Fallen Leaf - Solo Bs Clt

CODE: AP-02289


. . . Like a Fallen Leaf is by musician, music educator, arranger and composer Amy Dunker written for Clarinet Solo. Grade: 6 Duration: 5:30

16th Avenue - Sax-Pno

CODE: AP-02348


16TH AVENUE is by American composer and music educator Walter Dworakivsky for Alto Saxophone Solo with Piano. Grade: 3 Duration: 2:00 More 

21st Century Legato Studies - Bsn

CODE: AP-02371


21ST CENTURY LEGATO STUDIES FOR BASSOON is by trumpet performer, conductor, teacher, composer, and recording artist Robert Levy for Bassoon Solo.... More 

23 Skidoo! - Sax 5

CODE: AP-02255


23 SKIDOO!   is by West Point Band composer Ken Whitcomb and arranged by David J. Gardner for Saxophone Quintet (Alto 3,Tenor, Baritone).... More 

24 Duets for Two Flutes

CODE: AP-02282


24 DUETS FOR TWO FLUTES is written by composer and music educator A. Eric Heukeshoven with poems by Ted Haaland for Flute Duet. Grade: 4-5 Duration:... More 

3 Appalachian Folk Songs - Alto Sax-Pno

CODE: AP-03202


3 Appalachian Folksongs for Alto Saxophone and Piano  - Gr 2

3 Appalachian Folk Songs - Bb/C Instr-Pno

CODE: AP-02361


3 Appalachian Folk Songs, David J. Westfall, AP-2361
Music  Bb or C Instrument (Bb Clarinet, Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone/Flute, Oboe) and Piano
Solo  Folksongs  Appalachian

3 Appalachian Folk Songs - Tbn/Euph/Bsn-Pno

CODE: AP-03201


3 Appalachian Folk Songs for Bass Clef Instrument Solo —Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone, Bassoon— and Piano. Grade: 2 Duration: 6:00




A Novel Idea - A Sax-Pno

CODE: AP-00291


A NOVEL IDEA by David Resnick is an outstanding creative work with five chapters (movements) for Alto Saxophone Solo with Piano. Grade: 6 Duration:... More 

A Very Mature Gentleman’s Forenoon at a Spa - Clt-Pno

CODE: AP-00245


  A VERY MATURE GENTLEMAN'S FORENOON AT A SPA by Czech composer, Věroslav Neumann (1931-2006) was originally conceived for a silent... More 

Achin’ Hearted Blues and Some Wonderful Sort - Sax 4

CODE: AP-02246


ACHIN' HEARTED BLUES by Clarence Williams (1898-1965) and SOME WONDERFUL SORT OF SOMEONE by George Gershwin (1898-1937) are arranged by Amy... More 

Achin’ Hearted Blues-Some Wonderful Sort - Clt 4/Hn 4/Tpt 4

CODE: AP-03090


ACHIN' HEARTED BLUES by Clarence Williams (1893-1965) and SOME WONDERFUL SORT OF SOMEONE  by George Gershwin (1898-1937) are tunes... More