Czech composer, Rodák Otakar Pihrt (born July 9, 1933 Rakovník, Czechoslovakia), graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Prague with French Horn being his major instrument. From 1953-1955 he served his compulsory military service at the military music academy. Following service, he played F Horn in the Carlsbad Symphony Orchestra for two years (1955-1957). For the next three years (1957-1959), he played in the theatre orchestra for the Vinohrady Theatre-Prague. From 1959-1993, Otakar was hired to play horn in the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra. During the years 1984-2000, he was also a teacher in the music school in Prague. Retired from professional work since 2000, Otakar enjoys being a free-lance composer residing in Prague, Czech Republic.
"Four Colors for Concert Band" was composed in 2008.