PAVEL, JAN (1946-2010)

Jan Pavel, born March 19, 1946, in Doloplazy, from the district of Olomouc, in the Czech Republic, was a graduate of the Kromeriz Conservatory of Music. He had been a most versatile musician familiar to the general public as conductor, choirmaster, musical pedagogue and composer. He was a member of the Musical Artists and Scientists Association and he has been cooperating with significant musical ensembles, with the Czech Radio Broadcast and Czech TV.
He was engaged in pedagogical activity at the Elementary School of Arts —at Olomouc. He also gives lessons to students of Choir Direction and Conducting at the Philosophical Faculty of Palacký University in Olomouc in the Institute of Musicology.
Prior to 1989, Jan Pavel asserted himself very rarely and composed for his own need or upon requests from friends, since he was not considered in favor by the government's political-artistic authorities. At this time, he composed a sacred vocal music for use in church and instrumental pieces for pupils in the music schools. He markedly affected the sphere of brass instruments and gradually became recognized among the established composers when his pieces for brass orchestras were finally executed on radio and TV programs.
Since the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Jan Pavel has been accepted as an artist and his compositional life has been prolific. During this rich period, he has composed pieces for symphonic wind ensembles to be played at festivals and competitive performances. However, focus has been placed on the current needs of music education; that is, for instructive compositions. He also occupies himself with transcriptions of pieces and has written lessons for tuba, euphonium, bass bugle-horn, trombone and French horn.
Music from the Pen of Jan Pavel:
  • Five for Six: Five Movements/Hudební praktikum
Brass Edition - AP-00381
Clarinet Edition - AP-00273
Saxophone Edition - AP-00274
Woodwind Edition - AP-00275
String Edition - AP-00469
"Five for Six: Hudební praktikum" was composed for use by the composer with his Kromerz Conservatory students. Recognizing its musical value, the publisher encouraged him to make editions for a variety of instruments. API is proud to present educational music of this quality for music teachers and their students. These five movements are studies which provide much variety and challenge for musical learning, enjoyment and performance.
  • Five Miniatures
Flute Quartet - AP-00276
Clarinet Quartet - AP-00278
Saxophone Quartet - AP-00277
Little Concerto for Symphonic Wind Band - AP-00644
"Little Concerto" is a short excursion of technical delight and musical wit. Meter alternations of 6/8 and 8/8 provide interest, variety and life to this brilliant gem for the symphonic wind ensemble. Interesting soloistic flurries are supported by tasteful 4-part percussion writing. Inventive canonic interplay provides direction and the development of clear melodic ideas. Elements of chromaticism provide motion and emotion. Little Concerto is a composite work filled with kaleidescopic changes of motion and meter, making it a most worthy musical "tour de force." Very appealing. Perfect for a contest opener, midway in a program for "spice" or as a program closer. Clever composition! Scored for both European and Western band instrumentation.
  • Little Dancer (Bolero) for Wind Ensemble - AP-00643
"Little Dancer" is a well crafted miniature profile of a bolero dance, somewhat akin to the well-known "Bolero" by Maruice Ravel. "Little Dancer" has a refreshing harmonic flavor because of the accidentals in the melodic line which twist and turn in a most interesting way, giving the "little dance" life and energy. This grade 3 composition will surely find its way on concert programs because of its immediate appeal and charm. It builds towards a climatic ending via key changes and layering of textures. Very appealing and destined to be very popular.
  • Sunrise for Symphonic Band - AP-00645
"Sunrise for Symphonic Band" is a delicate caricature beginning and building with solo/soli action in a very sensitive and sensible manner. Melodic lines flow weightlessly as early morning rays of sunshine, combining in intensity as the composition proceeds, form a vivid ball of fire. Vibrating rays of light, represented by the opening 3/4 section which changes to a 2/4 section and then back to 3/4 with modulations, give this 3-minute work a beautiful flavor of drama and sunshine. Excellent contest material.
  • Three Dances for Brass Quintet - AP-00382
"Three Dances for Brass Quintet" ("Tři tance pro žest'ový kvintet") was composed for the Kromerz Conservatory students and was broadcasted on Czech Radio and TV during the national competition, Bohemia Praga. It won First Prize for interpretation.
  • Six Trios
Flute Edition - AP-02008
Clarinet Edition - AP-00284
Saxophone Edition - AP-02007
Mixed Brass Edition - AP-00396
Trumpet or F Horn Edition - AP-00394
Trombone or Baritone Edition - AP-00395