NOEHREN, ROBERT (1910-2002)

Robert Noehren (December 16, 1910 - August 4, 2002) was an International recitalist, recording artist, author, scholar, composer, professor and university organist at the University of Michigan and organbuilder. Noehren enjoyed a long and remarkable career, and was clearly one of the major figures of our profession in the 20th century.
His many recordings and recitals evidenced a special kind of organ playing: the highest standards of musicianship, devoid of superficial excesses, quiet and controlled console manner; indeed, his technique seemed to become quieter and easier the more difficult and virtuosic the music became. He continued to practice the organ daily and record up until his death, carried on extensive correspondence, had plans for another commercial recording on his organ in Buffalo, was preparing a talk for the AIO convention this month, was working on a cookbook of his favorite recipes, and continued to enjoy music, art, fine wine, good food, and friends from all over the world.