Czech composer Jindra Nečasová Nardelli (b. 1960) represents a new generation of gifted musical artists from the Czech Republic. She studied at the Conservatory of Music in Prague from which she graduated in piano under Dr. Jaromir Kriz (1982) and in composition under Dr. Jindřich Feld (1985).
The symphonic picture Jackson's Journey, based on the novel by Gerard Herzog about the American mountainer in the Alps, became her graduating work for which she was awarded Best Composition of the Year from the Conservatory in 1982.
Doctoral study in composition was completed in 1991 at the Academy of the Performing Arts in Prague under Dr. Václav Riedlbauch. Pictures of Salvador Dali, a symphonic triptych, was her crowning achievement exhibiting her mastery of composition with great sensitivity, imagination and striking contrasts.
This brilliant young talent was honored with awards since 1987 when she was given the Award of Honor in the Competition of Young Composers Generation of 1987. She also won a prize given by the Czech Musical Foundation in a competition organized by the Czech Ministry of Culture. She worked with composer Zdeněk Lukáš on the musical part of the children's book, Musical Motion Games (Hudebne pohybovery v materske skole) published in 1989.
In 1991, Nečasová Nardelli recorded four of her chamber works on compact disc, Debut Fuse I, a Montis label from Prague--MTO(0001-2111) AAD. It contains these works: "Two Piano Preludes," "Variations for Flute ond Piano" (1987) composed on an improvisatory, original folkoric theme, "The Space Grotesques" (1988) for violin and electric cembalo inpired by three stories of Italo Calvino, "A Sign in the Universe," "Plays without an End," and "The Water Uncle." Nečasová Nardelli expresses her sense of poetry, irony and humor, mixing elements of reality with unreal fantasy or even total absurity and "Sonata for Piano," a composition which, although based on 12 tones, does not use the strict dodecaphonic technique and often sounds very tonal.
Her latest creation for symphonic orchestra, Caves, utilizes much percussion, including the primitive Australian didjeridu, vocals, and tape. It reflects life in the caves with the aborigines.
Professionally, Jindra Nečasová Nardelli teaches at the Prague Music Conservatory and composes on commission.
"Dialogues for Flute and Trumpet" (1995) and "O Great Spirit" for Vocal Solo and Guitar (1996) are new USA commissions which Alliance Publications is proud to offer in their catalog. Other Nečasová Nardelli listings include "Four Songs" (Soprano solo/Piano), "Two Piano Preludes" and "Piano Sonata."