MAREŠ, MILOŠ (b. 1933)

Czech composer Miloš Mareš was born on January 1, 1933 in Chudenice, Czech Republic, the son of a well-known schoolmaster. At the age of 12, he fondly recalls the liberating American troops in his nearby village of Klatovy. At 14, he began his serious study of music in Klatovy as a pianist under Professor Vuršová. Upon graduation from the gymnasium at the age of 18, he studied civil engineering in Prague at Charles University. Upon completion of his degree, he was employed by the Czech National Railroad as a bridge designer in Plzeň for his whole professional career, retiring in 1993.
In Plzeň he joined the famous Česká Píseň professional choir, singing tenor for over 35 years.
His hobbies are many— playing the piano,  gardening, reading National Geographic, electronics, travel, bicycling, singing Czech folk songs, and spending time with his grandchildren.  
His piano compositions, written for members of his family, reflect the kind and gentle spirt of this man of great heart and sincerity.