LUKAS, DAVID (b. 1981)

Czech composer David Lukas (pron. LOO-kahsh) was born January 9, 1981, in Hlinsko, a small town in Eastern Bohemia of the Czech Republic, where at the age of 5 he began playing the violin. His family moved to nearby Vysoké Mýto where, at the age of 14, he studied music harmony and composition and began composing music. Recognized as a child prodigy in his hometown, this budding musician-composer, studied both piano and violin in Vysoké Mýto and nearby Pardubice. Since February 2000, David is continuing his formal musical training in conducting at the Conservatory of Music in Prague under Professors Farkac and Nemcova while studying composition privately.
David has a flair for musical color and dynamics. His compositions for strings answer a need for quality contemporary music suitable for young music ensembles where musicianship can be fostered and developed.
Three Miniatures for String Orchestra is a collection of pieces which will provide young players with contemporary liturature from a young composer. "Romance in G-major," his first composition, was composed at the age of 16 in 1997. "Minuetto" and "Black Eyes" are compositions from 1999. Two Miniatures for String Orchestra contains "Fantasia on the Svaty Vaclave" chant and "Roll Over, Roll" ("Koulelo se, koulelo") for string orchestra.
He has already delved into larger compositions, eg. Symphony in A-flat major for large orchestra, a small Ballet for strings and percussion instruments, and a Requiem for symphonic orchestra, choir and two soloists