Radoslav Kvapil (born 15 March, 1934 in Brno) is an internationally acclaimed Czech pianist and composer, considered by some to be the among the finest exponents of Czech piano music. However, at the end of the 20th century, he devoted his concert programmes to works by Frederic Chopin, particularly in France, in the Chopin International Piano Festival in Nohant.
ANTHOLOGY OF CZECH PIANO MUSIC recorded by Radoslav Kvapil Unicorn-Kanchana Records:
 Vol. 1: DVOŘÁK, Poetic Tone Pictures, op. 85; Theme with Variations, op. 36 AP-00009 CD $20.00 (68:36m) DKP (CD) 9137
Vol. 2: SMETANA, Bagatelles & Impromptus; Czech Dances; DKP (CD) 9139 AP-00010 CD $20.00 (73:13m)
Vol. 3: MARTINŮ, Three Czech Dances; Borova (7 Czech Dances); Four Movements; Esquisses; Ritournelles; Window onto the Garden, DKP (CD) 9140 AP-00011 CD $20.00 (73:12m)
Vol. 4: VORISEK, Impromptus, op. 7; Fantasie, op.12; Variations in Bb, op. 19; Piano Sonata in Bbm, op. 20 AP-00012 CD $20.00 (71:56m) DKP (CD) 9145
Vol. 5: FIBICH, Moods, Impressions and Reminiscences, op.41, 44, 47, 57; Studies of Paintings, op.56 AP-00013 CD $20.00 (69:50m) DKP (CD) 9149
Vol. 6: SMETANA, Macbeth and the Witches, Dreams, Salon and Poetic Polkas, op.7/8; Polkas, op.12/13 AP-00014 CD $20.00 (78:35m) DKP (CD) 9152
Vol. 7: JANÁČEK, On an Overgrown Path; Piano Sonata; In the Mists AP-00015 CD $20.00 (69:50m) DKP (CD) 9156
Vol. 8: SUK, Piano Pieces, op. 7, Spring and Summer Impressions, op. 22, About Mother, op. 28 AP-00016 CD $20.00 (74:07m) DKP (CD) 9159
DVOŘÁK, CYPRESSES / BIBLICAL SONGS, Radoslav Kvapil, Piano; Philip Langbridge, Tenor. AP-00018 CD $20.00 (61:11m) DKP (CD) 9115
DVOŘÁK/LUKÁŠ, MASS IN D MAJOR, op. 86; REQUIEM for a cappella choir, op.252 Sung by the Nova Ceska Pisen Choir (62:30m) AP-00019 CD $20.00 CQ0014-2431 Clarton, CR
JANÁČEK, MORAVIAN FOLKSONGS, Radoslav Kvapil, Piano; Zdena Kloubova, Soprano; Leo Vodicka, Tenor AP-00017 CD $20.00 (70:03m) DKP (CD) 9154
MASTER CLASS SERIES OF CZECH PIANO WORKS (5 Videos), narrator and pianist Radoslav Kvapil AP-00807 VHS $225.00 Set of 5 video cassettes
PIANO MUSIC OF JAN VACLAV (HUGO) VORISEK (1791-1825), classical to romantic, In the Middle of the Bridge, narrator and pianist Radoslav Kvapil (60 min.) Sonata in Bb Minor, Impromptus AP-00808 VHS $49.50
PIANO MUSIC OF BEDŘICH SMETANA (1824-1884), narrator and pianist Radoslav Kvapil (60 min.) Bagatelles & Impromptus,Czech Dances, Polkas, Dreams AP-00809 VHS $49.50
PIANO MUSIC OF ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK (1841-1904), narrator and pianist Radoslav Kvapil (60 min.) Silhouettes AP-00081 VHS $49.50
PIANO MUSIC OF LEOS JANÁČEK (1841-1928), narrator and pianist Radoslav Kvapil (60 min.) On An Overgrown Path AP-00811 VHS $49.50
PIANO MUSIC OF ZDENĚK FIBICH (1850-1900) AND BOHUSLAV MARTINŮ, (1890-1959), narrator and pianist Radoslav Kvapil AP-00812 VHS $49.50 (60 min.) Moods, Impressions, and Reminiscences-F, Puppets-M
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