KUNEŠ, JOSEF (b. 1979)

Josef Kuneš was born April 4, 1979 in Domažlice, Czech Republic. Although he did not come from a musical family, as a youth he sang with his parents and regularly attended the Chod Festival. It was at this festival that the bagpipes had cast a spell on him. At the elemetary arts school in Domažlice he took lessons on the recorder, Bohemian bagpipes and later the clarinet from Vlastimil Konrády. After his studies he passed the entrance examination to study bass at the Pilseň Conservatory where he conpleted his studies in 2003 under professor Květoslav Borovišky. He is now widening his musical expertise by studying composition under Bohuslav Řehoř at the Prague Conservatory. 
Since childhood Mr. Kuneš has been interested in the folklore music of his native region (Chodsko). At the age of fifteen he founded his own folklore group, and since 1998 it has been called Domažlická dudácká muzika (Domažlice Bagpipe Band). He is also a member of other ensembles: Meluzína, an early music group; Chodská vlna (Chodsko Wave),a rock band that uses Bohemain bagipipes; and lastly the Domažlice/Furth im Wald Chamber orchestra under the direction of Václav Cibulka.
Today, Mr. Kuneš is teaching music at the elemetary arts school in Domažlice and is making good use of his knowledge of Chodsko folklore by working in the music archives of the Chod Museum in Domažlice.