IGLO, MAREK (b. 1968)

Marek Iglo, born February 7, 1968, Dvůr Králové, Czechoslovakia. Marek was highly supported in his musical studies born into a musical home. His father was a musician and composer. Marek studied piano and music composition at the Conservatory in Prague with Ilja Hurník, Eva Boguniova and Bohumil Řerhoř and continued on for his pedagogical degree in in Hradec Králové. He has been teaching music in the Dvůr Králové school of arts.

He composes mainly textbooks for children. He also composed the piano cycle Jemné domácí polévky Vydáno and also the études Do Czerného! and Variace na moravskou lidovou píseň for Cello and Piano. At the 6th International Dulcimer Festival he was awarded the second prize for his Divertimento for dulcimer, strings and timpani.

Composer's own words: "I was born in 1968, in Czech Republic. I studied piano with Eva Boguniov and composition with Ilja Hurnika and Bohumil Řehořin conservatory in Prague, graduated in 1991. My works are in particular concerned with the children and with my teaching at the music school. In 2004 I carried off a second prize on the 6th International Dulcimer Festival for my composition Divertimento for dulcimer, strings and timpani. However, I am a Jehovah's Witness, so I don't want put my mind to music fully."