Hugh Charles Hooks was born in Waco, Texas, on April 24, 1929, and grew up there. He attended Baylor University receiving his M.A. in English with Honors in 1951. A Ph.D in English Language and Literature was received at the University of Michigan. He taught in the English Departments at Morningside College, Northern Michigan University, Southern Illinois University, and at the University of Michigan.
Charlie began playing the clarinet at age 9 and by age 13 was playing professionally, continuing to make music his avocation. Charlie gave up his life as an professor for the “good life” of a jazz musician in the Chicago area. In 1974, he became a full-time player, marrying flutist, Lornetta Hooks.
In 1994, while Sister Patty Gallagher, OP, was Director of Music at St. Luke Church in River Forest, Illinois, she asked Charlie and Lornetta to put together an instrumental to be played during the service for flute and clarinet. As a result, the duet for “All Souls' Night’’ was written to be enjoyed by many in the future.
Charlie loved life to the fullest. He was a docent at the Frank Lloyd Wright Society and enjoyed reading, history, literature and music of all kinds, the clarinet and piano being his passion. He died in River Forest, Illinois, on September 1, 2005.