GLONTI, FELIX (1927-2012)

Felix Peter Glonti was born on November 8, 1927 at Butumi, Georgia Republic, the son of Peter Glonti. His education is from 1949-1954 at Sankt-Peterburg Conservatory in the class of composition, his teacher was professor Khristofor Kushnakiov and in 1954, at Tbilisi State Conservatory in the class of composition. His teacher while there was I. Tuskia.
Glonti has produced a body of work of astonishing quality and variety, most of which, regrettably, remains unrecorded or even unperformed.
In the winter of 2006 Canadian musician, Kevin Tuite, had the privilege of meeting this remarkable individual and hearing his music for the first time. "A sort of Georgian Carl Ruggles," Glonti's sharp tongue and visceral incapability of tolerating fools and opportunists has kept him on the margins of the Georgian musical establishment. Like his opinions, Glonti's music is not for timid ears: It is vigorous, sometimes harsh, yet always melodic and informed by a deep familiarity with the spectrum of orchestral colors.”
Before leaving Georgia, Prof. Glonti gave him recordings of some of his compositions, issued by the Soviet recording company Melodiya, and now nearly impossible to find. Tracks from these recordings, converted to MP3 format, can be downloaded from the website—www.mapageweb.umon- — Visit this site to consult the list of compositions listed, download those which are higlighted in blue, and listen to them with an open mind. That is all that the composer asks: to be listened to.
He has won many Titles and Prizes:
  • Laureate of Council of Ministers, Ministry of Culture and Composers' Union Prize - 1967
  • People's Artist of Georgia Laureate of State Prize - 1991
  • Laureate of I Premium of Prokofiev International Prize - 1999
  • "Man of the Year" - 2001, 2003 (USA)
  • "Modern Outstanding Leader" - 2001 (USA)
  • "1000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the World" - 2001 (England)
  • "True Member of the Hall of Grandeur" - 2003 (USA)
  • Holder of honored Gold Medal of America - 2004
  • Prize of Recording Firm "Power Station" - 1993 (New-York, USA)
  • Prize of Recording Firm "Ricordi Fields" of activity: music, theatre, film.

Felix Glonti died on August 26, 2012 in Tbilisi.