GELHAUS, TIM (b. 1993)

Tim Gelhaus (born 1993) is an energetic, eclectic composer with a particular liking for old American music influenced by neo-romanticism. The fourth child of religious parents, Tim was born and raised in the small farming community of Owen, Wisconsin, where his upbringing provided an exposure to church music, as well as American folk music. Tim’s creativity was sparked from an early age, beginning his formal musical training in piano, voice, and trumpet, which eventually cultivated his interest in music composition. 
Tim holds a B.A. in Music from Clarke University, where he studied composition with Dr. Amy Dunker, and is currently completing his Masters of Music in Composition at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana (2017). He studies composition with Dr. Michael Schelle and Dr. Frank Felice, who channel his exuberant amount of energy towards further honing of his compositional skill. His music has been performed across the United States, as well as garnering performances in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Japan. 
Tim’s most recent works have been performed by the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra (McKinley 2015) and the International Trumpet Guild (Dominion, Tpt 5, 2014). He has also participated in collaborations with the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and Arizona State. He recently returned from residence in Kagoshima, Japan, where he spent the summer of 2014 studying composition under the guidance of Dr. Tadashi Kubo.
When he is not composing, Tim is an avid Netflix-watcher, where his choice of entertainment falls between DC Comics television shows, and Japanese anime. He also enjoys playing fantasy football, hunting, fishing and other recreational activities.