FULLAN, AARON S. (b. 1990)

Composer Aaron S. Fullan (b. February 15, 1990) was born and raised in the small midwestern town of Clinton, Iowa, mere blocks away from the mighty Mississippi River. His parents home-schooled him for the majority of his early education which built in him a great desire for learning and the individual discipline of study.
He took a keen interest in music at a very young age and was encouraged by his parents to take piano lessons at the age of eight. His passion for music grew continuously as he studied piano through his college years at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa. He majored in Music Ministry and Biblical Studies graduating in 2012.
Aaron Fullan’s music instructor, Elisa Cooper, supported his interest in music composition and arranged one-to-one mentoring with composer, Tracey Rush, Director of NISOM in Dubuque. Since graduating, Aaron has composed music for audio drama, short film, string quartets, mixed choir, solo vocalists, and full orchestra. He and his wife Tabby reside in Thomson, Illinois.