František Domažlický (13 May, 1913 in Prague – 29 October, 1997 in Prague) was a Czech violinist, violist and composer. He was born František Tausig. He started as an amateur violinist, trumpeter, accordionist, band leader and composer of popular songs. In 1935 he won 1st prize in the competition for best song. Then he began seriously studying music at Otto Šilhavý, who was a student of Otakar Ševčik.
For World War II Francis Domažlický was first imprisoned in Theresienstadt and later to concentration camps Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz) and Schwarzheide (one of the ancillary camps of Sachsenhausen). At the end of the war he survived the notorious death march. Even in Terezin he composed several songs and choral and song without words for string quartet.
After the war he studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, studying violin with Francis Daniel and composition with Jaroslav Řídiý and Emil Hlobil. He graduated Symphony for large orchestra. Since 1950 he played the violin and viola in several Prague orchestras up to 15 years docked at the Film Symphony Orchestra.
He composed music in a rather traditional, late-romantic spirit, accessible to a wide range of listeners. Many of his compositions are not too demanding in terms of interpretation and belongs to the popular repertoire of students and amateur musicians. Francis Domažlický He spent part of his life in Blevice (u Zákolany), where at his farm he composed and bred horses.