DALEY, SALLY (b. 1941)

Sally Daley, QM is a native of Allentown, Pennsylvania, born on October 24, 1941. Her musical studies culminated with a degree from Northwestern University School of Music in Evanston, Illinois. As an organist, liturgist and creative composer, Sally has embraced the new era of electronic music wholeheartedly. When a leaky roof at her church rendered the pipe organ unplayable for about two months, she built a MIDI "organ" out of two synthesizer keyboards, MIDI pedalboard, and a stack of synthesizer modules which served the parish very well during the interim.
Daley is a member of Mu Phi Epsilon International Professional Music Fraternity and has twice won honorable mention in the fraternity's International Original Composition Contest. She is a member of the National Pastoral Musicians and a professional artist member of the Creative Musicians Coalition.
Sally Daley is a vowed member of a Franciscan religious order called the Queenship of Mary (QM). She believes that helping people to relax and get in touch with the Lord is the greatest thing that anyone can do. Her music is intended to get people away from the hectic rat-race of today's world, let them calm down, and put them in a mood to pray.
Sally Daley, QM, is serving as organist/sound tech at Three Crowns Park, Evanston, Illinois, where she is using MIDI as well as playing organ, keyboard, and flute. She built the front sound system when she felt that the small PA system in the chapel was highly inadequate, connected it to the original system, resulting in superior sound throughout the chapel.
Contact: Sdaley7411@comcast.net