Father Michael Burke, known as the "Piano-Playing Priest" is a Catholic priest and a member of the Southern Dominican Community, Order of Friars Preachers. He has been a pianist and musician from boyhood and music is the focus of his ministry. For many years Michael was a full time preacher of retreats and parish missions and a founding member of the Dominican Preaching Team. Father Michael M. Burke, O.P., D. Min. Several years ago he began to integrate his music with preaching and played piano meditation music after speaking.  He also developed a style of interpreting the preached word with piano music. 
Father Michael began his college education at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor near his home-town, Detroit.  He majored in English Literature and pre-law studies and after graduation attended Law School for one year before entering the Dominican Order. His training in literature and many years of study in preparation for preaching has given him a broad base for preaching and spirituality.
Father Michael holds two degrees in theology, the S.T.B and S.T.L, from the Dominican Pontifical Faculty in Washington, D.C., a B.A. in Liturgical Music from St. Joseph’s University in Rensselaer, Indiana and a Doctorate in Ministry in preaching and Clinical Studies from Andover Newton Theological School in Newton Centre, Massachusetts.
Michael has recorded on CDs several hours of meditation music for prayer.  He includes some of his classical repertoire on the CDs along with music created ‘out of the moment,’ and inspired by art and photography. One of his CDs, Impromptus was inspired by a collection of Ansel Adams photography. His newest CD, Epiphany: Feast of Light & Exultation was also inspired by a collection of photographs of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in Winter.
Father Michael also enjoys making himself available for days of prayer and programs in Retirement Homes where he entertains with music and inspirational preaching.
Thanks to Father Michael Burke, O.P., D. Min. for the following submission:
"On February 12th, here in New Orleans, where I live, I will be collaborating with my composition teacher to present a concert of Sacred Music at Trinity Episcopal Church on Jackson Avenue. It will include the premiere of my first orchestral composition, 'Port of Rest,' a trio for flute, viola and cello, based on the plainchant, 'Ave Maris Stella.' I will be accompanying a vocalist who will sing three of my compositions, musical settings for two poems and one song for which I have written the words and the music."