BRIZA, KAREL (1926-2001)

Karel Briza (14 October, 1926, Krucemburk - 9 December, 2001, Prague) was a Roman Catholic priest, religious - Redemptorist, composer, organist and organ builder. His first organ is in St. Martin in Prague Řepích.

Born in Krucemburk at the Highlands in 1926. In his youth he joined the Congregation of the Redemptorists and studied in the habit juvenátě, who lived in a castle in the South Bohemian village Libějovice. But after the congregation was in 1948 in an unfavorable position, as were all religious orders in Czechoslovakia. Everything culminated in the occupation of monasteries (see Action K) in the year 1950 and the internment of religious people who did not miss even Charles Birch. He was interned at Mount Madonna with Rabbit and then briefly in Hájek near Prague.

At that time he was called (like many young clerics ) to war - to Slovakia to departments PTP . During his military service has become a major event in his life. On 15 September, 1951 adopted a secret priestly ordination (at the time of an emergency leave, along with him, he was secretly ordained a Redemptorist others - P. Vanek Břetislav CSsR). From the war he was released in 1953 .
Karel Briza began studying at Brno composition with prof. Joseph Blatný and in the town of Oslavany led the children's choir. Since the leaders of the former regime did not like it, they gave him the choice to renounce the church, or go to jail. P. Charles chose the first option and returned to Krucemburk, where he worked as a laborer in the woods. In addition to work in the forest also donated organ repair in the region.
At the time of the release of the political years 1968-1969 was founded on the Holy Mountain under the protective wings of P. Olšar semi-underground Redemptoristická community because Redemptorističtí priests came to the Holy Mountain as chaplains. 
It did not state approval to exercise the priestly ministry, he worked at Svatohorské Basilica as organist and priestly functions performed by private means. Led There are two choirs, which are regularly accompanied worship. Members of the choir also provided spiritual guidance, secretly interviewed them and so on.
In 1969, on the first Sunday of Advent the liturgy for the first time in centuries, Latin introduced Czech. Pater Birch frequently composed music with Czech lyrics. At this time it also created still often used so-called. Briza Ordinarium ( Hymnal no. 503, the Mass chants p. 530), or notation of basic liturgical texts (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus and Agnus Dei). He also wrote a series of "propria" or the texts set to music for worship in the words of the Mass.